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American Falcon Wild Sim 2016


Exciting life of american falcon is now free for you. Play as a real american falcon, soar through the sky, find partner falcon, hatch eggs, raise american baby falcons and Survive and hunt as a bird. Real Falcon Simulator will allow you to free roam the jungle and hunt the wilderness but you have to beware of the thief rabbit, wild bear and other enemy falcon which will be the biggest challenge for you in this game.Let's start your adventure of american falcon by finding your partner falcon to grow your family of american falcon. Keep yourself away from wild animals on island which are looking for food.
Start flying in the sky and enjoy the realistic enviornment from mountains with eagle eye. First find your partner which is a great challenge for you then bring it to home by pressing the attraction button shown on your screen. Catch rabbits to grow your family and bring your egg and children back which rabbit has stolen from your home.
Be aware from elephants and fight against bear to snatch your nest. Remember! elephant and bear can attack on you which will result in your health loss. You will have to fight against the enemy falcon to save your partner and bring it back to home to live happy life
Features of American Falcon Wild sim 3D=> Extreme realistic survival simulator=> Dessert themed environment=> Fun with the real feel of falcon flight=> Hours of fun=> Smooth Controls=> Exciting but challenging gamePlay=> Amazing sounds and graphics
If you like animal simulators, you will definitley like this wild falcon survival simualtor. You can play for hours to explore this amazing 3D Environment. Its the real falcon flight games where you can touch sky and can land on the hill or mountains to get some rest. All you have to do is to survive in this dessert by attacking and eating other animals.
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